Final Essay - Final Essay Week 9 Fast Food Or Not? Today,...

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Final Essay – Week 9 – Fast Food Or Not? Today, more people eat out in fast food restaurants than they do at home which has a tendency to cause a variety of health issues to include obesity and heart conditions. Now, should we blame the fast food industry for our health issues? Personally I don’t think so; I believe the responsibility falls on the particular individuals or the parents in charge of the children. It should be about moderation, nothing says you can’t enjoy a good burger from McDonald’s, but does that mean McDonalds encourages you to consume it every day, every meal? No, it does not, recent litigation brought on by a group of obese children against McDonald’s ( Pelman v. McDonald’s Corp., Sup. Ct. N.Y., No. 24809/02, complaint filed 22 August 2002, ) caused a rather intense public reaction about how individuals are failing to take responsibility for their actions and exploit a weakness in the system. Fast-food lawsuits end up raising a question of if responsibility for both the public health and economic consequences of physical and emotional health lies within the person or with the industry. According to an CBS poll 46% of people in America choose to eat fast food as opposed to the 18% of people who buy groceries at the store. ((CBS News, “Where does America Eat?” CBS News, 08 August 2005)) Why is it people choose to eat out so much knowing the hazards they could potentially face when eating out? It’s a matter of choice, individuals make the choice to forego having the healthier option of eating at home by making selections of healthy foods at the grocery store and eat at fast food chains. I don’t believe that gives them the right to sue because they make the conscientious decision to eat at a place which doesn’t necessarily serve food that is
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Final Essay - Final Essay Week 9 Fast Food Or Not? Today,...

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