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Axia College Material Appendix A Midterm Exam Answer each question below. Answers should be approximately 100 words per question. 1. What are the different forms of social media that exist today? Provide examples of different social media and their primary purposes. Social networking – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. Social Networking websites provide users with the ability to add friends, find new and old friends, create communites based on similar interests and share content. They also allow instant messaging, daily updates and a wide variety of tools to be able to connect with other users. Social Bookmarking – Digg, Delicious. Social Bookmarking is basically allowing users to share their favorite content online with one and another while basically creating an online bookmark for others to view and connect to. Blogs – Wordpress,Typepad, Blogger. Blogs are basically online journals for idividuals to express their concerns, life patterns and every day stuff online for others to read and discuss. They can also share content and other things with a variety of users who might join their blog such as favorite music and other media. 2. What are the greatest benefits of social media for individuals and society? The greatest benefits of social media for not only individuals but for society as a whole is the ability to connect on a grand scale. You aren’t limited to just a single area as like you are with a telephone, you can connect to a whole group of individuals from all over the world and interact with them on a wide range of things from photosharing to video and voice conferencing. This enables us as individuals and as a society to learn and grow together. We can also make new friends, connect with our loved ones when we are away and just learn about other cultures and experience things we normally couldn’t from the comfort of our own home. 3. What are the greatest problems of social media for individuals and society? Some of the greatest problems we face in social media also befall computers and e-mail and just the internet in general. Hackers are one example, hackers are one of the biggest threats to social media websites, not only do they cause chaos but they can also destroy someone’s social media website just for the sheer fun of it or utilize someone’s account to send out spyware or adware even. The next biggest threat would be the adware and spyware sent out
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hum176r1_appendix_a - Axia College Material Appendix A...

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