ideas - Everybody in your salon should have their own...

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Everybody in your salon should have their own business cards. It is an expectation of consumers that a “professional,” at the bare minimum, has a business card. You can order 250 FREE business cards from VistaPrint does put their own web address on the back of your card, as a marketing vehicle for themselves, however it’s very tasteful and it’s hardly an imposition for you since you ARE getting cards for free! If you use flyers for announcements and specials, print them on goldenrodcolored paper. Studies have show that goldenrod paper returns the best response for sales letters. You can purchase a ream of goldenrod paper at your nearby office supply store for under $10. Speak to community groups and civic clubs. Community groups and civic clubs such as the rotary, lion’s club, women’s club, etc. are always looking for speakers for their monthly programs. You may do 45 minutes to an hour about the latest styles for spring, or at-home skin care remedies, or something that would appeal to both a male and female audience. Ask your customers what groups they belong to and if those groups are looking for speakers. When one of your customers refers you into a group, it’s more than likely that you will be chosen as a speaker. Referral cards. Referral cards are handed out to your existing customers for them to distribute to their friends and family. Print them on a regular businesssized card with your salon name, address and telephone number, and a line that says “Referred by: __________.” Create an incentive for your customers to refer your salon by offering a free haircut with every five (or ten) referral cards you receive back with their name. Give away product that isn’t selling well. If you have product that is not moving off your shelves, it is costing you money to keep it there rather than replacing it with product that DOES sell. Bundle the hard-to-sell items with more desirable products and create a price that is slightly higher than the desirable product, or slightly lower than the cost if the products had been purchased separately. This will move product off your shelves, will bring in income, and will
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ideas - Everybody in your salon should have their own...

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