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Hello, My name is Rick Anderson, I was born January 13th 1985 in Columbus, Georgia. I currently reside in Atlanta,Georgia and have recently been discharged medically from the U.S Army. I have served in the U.S Army for 6 years now and did 2 tours over in Iraq, the first time as Field Artillery converted to Infantry and the second time as an Information Systems Analyst and part time CH-47 tail gunner. I am married to a beautiful woman who has stuck by my side through thick and thin and have an adorable son who is 17 months old. I come from a semi-large family, as I am 1 of 7 children and am the only boy so you can imagine how life was growing up. I currently have a job setup to work as a Network Administrator back in Atlanta for an internet
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Unformatted text preview: solutions company that does work all over the East Coast and I am pursuing my degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Networking. I have plans to eventually go all the way to my Masters degree and hopefully by that time have an executive position within the company I will be working for. Some of my hobbies include first person shooter games, working on my truck and generally just spending time with my family when Im not engaged in medical appointments. I look forward to finishing school here at the University of Phoenix and that is pretty much all there is to know about me....
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