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Topic – Mcdonalds isn’t your problem… I believe individuals shouldn't be allowed to sue fast food companies over personal issues such as health, emotional and other problems which they believe are to be caused from the actual fast food companies themselves. I believe they should accept the fact that most of these issues are personal in nature, most of them psychological in origin and shouldn't be blamed on others. I plan to provide facts on how food can be seen as a level of comfort to individuals who suffer from psychological disorders, how fast food these days is more of a convenience than anything else and show how we have become lazy in society and finally prove how people choose to be ignorant despite the fact they know something is what it is, an example is perfect with the woman who sued McDonalds after suffering a burn from hot coffee, which she spilt on herself and she knew it was hot but didn't have a lid on it, her claim was the coffee cup didn't say it was hot. Food is one of the things that from a small
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Unformatted text preview: child we are taught that it is there to cure that hunger, that pain in our tummies when we are infants, but over time we learn we need it to survive, some people don’t learn that and use it as comfort and they develop health problems and when a psychological issues such a depression becomes involved it can become worse. I personally believe people should be punished for attempting to pursue a lawsuit against fast food companies for their personal issues to include health issues because they know that it causes a variety of health issues yet they still do it. This is their own personal ignorance and the companies are not to blame, people still smoke knowing it's bad for them yet everyone blames the tobacco companies for producing the cigarettes. Do they force them down your throat and say smoke? No they do not, in no way do they "force" you to do what you do, it is your own fault....
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