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Week 3 Assignment2 - the Christ it has caused some...

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Movies are more than just a piece of entertainment in the world today, they are not just artwork and an expression of those who direct and write them. In the culture we have today movies manage to move us, cause great emotion and inflict many different things upon us that sometimes we can’t explain. I believe it is a legitimate form of pop culture because of how it influences us in our daily lives. You look at how Sci-Fi movies inspired us to reach for the stars and even to this day they continue to inspire us to expand our technology further. If we look at Star Wars, we even had the Regean presidency utilize the same name and a space concept to develop space weaponry which was to defend against ballistic missiles named after the movies. Movies have also caused controversy within society, if we look at the Passion of
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Unformatted text preview: the Christ, it has caused some controversy amongst people whom are firm believers of the bible and how they believe everything that occurred when it came to Jesus Christ. You can also see the different influences it has on culture through t-shirts and different apparel, people forming clubs and heavy group followings, especially with movies like the Twlight series. I believe movies will continue to inspire and push the emotional, and visual boundaries for many years to come. So in conclusion, movies go beyond art, entertainment and bring text to life, they are something that will always be a huge part and influence within our lives and the lives of our children....
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