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Unformatted text preview: That people shouldn't be able to sue at free will for their personal issues and blame them on particular industries which seem to be the focus at that one time. An example of this because people know exactly what they are doing when they go to a fast food joint to eat. They know if they are there because they desire food for comfort or because of our society and how we thrive on convenience and quickness. The individuals know if they are going to be buying in bulk or buying for themselves, if they are to super-size or keep it small and simple. There is no doubt they have carnal knowledge to what they are consume, chicken or beef, what it contains and how much fat it truly has. If the coffee they order is hot or cold just by touching it, so how is the place they eat to blame? ( Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants, P.T.S., Inc.,Wikipedia 2010 ) How can we stand by and allow individuals to freely sue places for their issues that they exploit businesses in this day and age in order to either get fame and fortune. Ignorance isn't a reason to sue; businesses in this day and age in order to either get fame and fortune....
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