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Week 5 Assignment - Revisions I personally would have written the paper a little bit differently in a variety of ways but I shall narrow it down to three specific ways for both time and assignment purposes. First and foremost, the description of the movie itself, to say the least that it truly outdoes the Batman and Robin series of the 90s is an understatement. Briefly, the author describes the coloration and how “The Dark Knight” goes a bit darker than any other Batman, which may be true but if we look at the Dark Horse series of Batman comics, this is how Batman was intended to be. Originally Batman was sort of silly in the TV series as we all know but the concept was not intended to be that way, what we saw in “The Dark Knight” and in Dark Horse Comic series, is what the true artists and the creator of Batman intended him to be. The best reason I can explain why I would make this change is it is important for the readers to understand, this is how these comic to movie adaptions should be made. There are many failures in movies which come from both
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