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Unformatted text preview: Week 6 Assignment Effective Persuasion I chose the first essay which discusses how people shouldnt be punished for ending a life in order to eliminate the pain in which people are enduring because of terminal diseases or overbearing pain caused by injuries which cannot be aided. Personally, besides thinking this is an act of just humane kindness, I believe the author made a valid point by bringing out the various countries which accept this and dont penalize people if they do this. I really dont consider it murdering to be honest because lets look at it this way, if youre in that much pain your mind is thinking clearier than you ever have before due to the amount of adrenaline and fluids being pumped into it, so you cannot use the They werent thinking clearly card. Personally I believe the problem with it in our country is that people are so greedy with not only life, but they are so concerned with what everyone else does with their own, they believe they have...
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