Week 7 Assignment (2) - Week 7 Assignment First we will...

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Week 7 Assignment First we will take a look at CNN.COM, we all know CNN is one of the biggest names in television when it comes to news, and mostly news. This media outlet allows us to explore almost every aspect of the news world out there to date. You have everything from regional/local news to international headlines. The ability to see almost on the minute breaking news as it comes out is another nifty feature which CNN offers. There are different sections on the website itself which allows for easy to use navigation for the most experience of users to the least of experienced users and are clearly labeled enough to understand what it is you are looking for. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t offer raw AP wire data which would be expected from one of the top productions in television news. Personally, I believe when you look at CNN, it stands on a level of professionalism and maintains a somewhat biased stance on their commentary when it comes to certain pieces of news itself. Now which side of the playing field are they on, just depends on the actual
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Week 7 Assignment (2) - Week 7 Assignment First we will...

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