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WEEK 7 ASSIGNMENT – INTEREST RATES EFFECTING PURCHASES. In today’s up and down economy, one can never tell how the fluctuating interesting rate will affect your purchases. At first the interest rates were at what we considered to be a low point for a certain period of years and then as the years progressed we noticed they began to rise drastically. As the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continued, the Mortgage Crisis and various impacts on Wall Street arose, interest rates began to go up and down which caused consumers to spend less and save more. When we began to spend less we only made the situation worse for ourselves and even would second guess our decisions
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Unformatted text preview: when it came to purchases to include large purchases. Lately interest rates have begun to stabilize which have allowed individuals to make larger purchases with ease. As the economy has begun to stabilize we have noticed that people have begun to spend more without worrying as much as they did before about the amount of interest they pay out. This doesn’t just include credit cards but also includes houses and even auto purchases. Hopefully over time interest rates will continue to stay the same and we will never face an economic crisis again....
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