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Week 7 DQ 1 US101 - up is external distractions wow this...

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One of the tips I find very useful is managing my my time wisely, there is a big reason in my life why that would be a big issue besides school of course. My time is something I cannot afford to waste and is something of great value, whether it be balancing work, spending time with my wife and son or even posting assignments and discussions at school. They inform you about a few ways to create a schedule to avoid “crunch times” which is effective in balancing school work so you don’t get slammed all at once and end up making several mistakes which can result in failures in classes. Another great point they bring
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Unformatted text preview: up is external distractions, wow this one really hits home for me. I am an Aural learner as I learned last week and because of this I tend to think out loud and my brain is pretty much cluttered with thoughts I already am trying to soak in verbally, so distractions such as conversations and televisions are a no no. Now I am not saying I should purely isolate myself but they do bring up excellent ideas as to where I can go in order to concentrate better and focus on my studies....
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