Week 8 Assignment - Week 8 Assignment In essence I will be...

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Unformatted text preview: Week 8 Assignment In essence I will be using comparison and contrast in my final paper because I will be showing examples of how individuals can sue fast food restaurants for their own personal faults but in another perspective how it isn’t right. The reason this would be considered a comparison and contrast is simple, because I’m showing pros and cons to both sides of the story. I’m also showing what can be done to resolve certain situations but the downfalls to those resolutions that are generated. An example of this would be how an individual can sue let’s say Mcdonalds over burning themselves on hot coffee. We know coffee is supposed to be brewed at a degree of temperature which is acceptable to drink and knowing this we know it has to be hot, but in the same token we know if we get this on our skin it will burn us to a painful degree which might leave us scarred or blistered. I guess in this example what I’m trying to show is the knowledge we have of what we are doing but choose to be ignorant for whatever reason we are choosing...
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