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Week 6 Assignment - getting the information I needed to...

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Week 6 Assignment – Social Research I picked an article which was based on research conducted at various Universities across the United States but the finale of the research was done at the University of Georgia. The article was based on social relationships and how important they are during adolescence years. This particular article to me was important because it stressed the importance of the social relationships which adolescents establish can impact a wide range of their functions within their brain. Some of the functions include one of the most important functions of the brain when it comes to social interactions which are social cognition. It also talks about the development of social cognition and how only in the recent years have we begun to see the real results of the extensive research which has been conducted. If I had to utilize a paper for a study or any type of research, I believe I could use this one to assist me in writing and
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Unformatted text preview: getting the information I needed to complete my assignment. According to the documentation, it also talks about how the findings in 112 people ranging from the ages of 8-36 years of age conducted several computerized tests in order to test their emotional perspective in different aspects of life. The computer took in account each individual persons account and reaction and own point of view and kept track, and the results were recorded on the paper. Although I don’t understand them personally, I am sure I could do further research into it to better understand the numbers. In summary, this was one of the best papers I could find after doing extensive research around the internet, although I’m sure given more time and if I were to travel to a physical library I could have found a better article but this one gave me the information I was seeking....
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