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Week One Assignment. The subject is an interesting one to say the least because there have been many times in my life which I have tested a theory, especially at home. I have tested many theories when it comes to my wife and her pet peeves, and compared the results to other men and their wives. The method of informal research I utilized was that of public knowledge, I asked common questions of other men, such as “What are some things which you do which bother your wife the most?” I jotted down the answers and the results which came about and to compare, I conducted experiments over several weeks to see if the results were similar. My whole theory was that every woman has similar pet peeves once they reach a point in their marriage with an individual. I believe psychologists utilize the same method because they see common issues and common results and end up developing solutions based on those issues and results which they get. It is a
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Unformatted text preview: simple method which tends to work in everyones favor, a method of If I do this, this bad thing will happen, so if I eliminate this bad habit, this argument wont occur anymore. I believe if I was given another chance to conduct something on a similar scale, perhaps I wouldnt have been obvious about it because after a while, my wife caught on to my experimentation and eventually it led to just outright rebellious behavior on her part and refusal to take part. Perhaps if I had let her in on it that I was testing out theories and perhaps asked her questions, such as If I did this, how would you react to it? instead of outright conducting the experiment, I might have gotten different results without the repercussions for my actions....
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