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WEEKLY ASSIGNMENT 7 – IQ TEST. 1. Did you feel the results were accurate? a. To a degree I believe this test was accurate and informative to how smart each individual is. According to the website over 3 million individuals have taken this test which only takes a few minutes to complete but gives you a general idea of how smart you are within 30 questions. I believe given the fact it isn’t as expansive as most traditional Intelligence tests and it’s free it’s accurate for what it’s worth. I truly don’t know much about Intelligence tests, much less do I believe in them fully. The reason why I don’t believe in them too much is because you can be book smart so much to a degree but be so stupid in the common sense field, it blows the mind of everyone else around you. 2. Was the test biased in any way? a. No, I don’t believe the test was truly biased in any degree. For a test to be biased it would have to appear to be aggressively one-sided on any one particular subject but I didn’t notice it at all when I was taking this exam. Now, in a subtle manner it could have been but again I didn’t notice it. I
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