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ms is course des - I S courses not required for...

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* IS courses not required for specialization in: -Network Management -Software Systems IS 612 - To be proposed Specialization: - Business Informatics - Emergency Management Description: This course provides an overview of learning methodologies and training technologies, with an emphasis on emergency management. It reviews theories and develops skills for the planning, evaluation and selection of traditional and new technology-driven learning and training methods. Course participants will review relevant research and learn how to choose the most effective training methodologies, technologies and content resources appropriate to the needs of different audiences. Effective From: Fall 2007 IS 613 - Design of Emergency Management Information Systems (3 credits) Specialization: - Interaction Design - Emergency Management. Description: This course is concerned with the development of requirements, the design of the human interaction, and the supporting functionality of any Information System related to the complete preparedness lifecycle for emergency, disaster, and crisis situations for government bodies, non-profit, and/or private organizations that are concerned with business continuity. It also focuses on organizational behavior and its effects on the functionality of the system and the design of the human interface. Effective From: Fall 2006 IS 614 - Command and Control Systems (3 credits) Specialization: - Emergency Management. 1
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Description: This course investigates the relevance and applicability of using of Command and Control (C2) models in organizational responses to both normal emergencies and catastrophic events. C2 refers to how leadership, authority, decision-making and coordination are assured within an organization, including distributed and virtual organizations. The course examines the functionality and properties of C2 systems in terms of matching requirements for these systems to the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations during emergency conditions. It will address integrating systems and technologies within organizational emergency operations functions and processes to include business continuity and disaster response. Effective From: Summer 2010 IS 615 - Improvisation in Emergency Management (3 credits) Specialization: - Emergency Management. Description: This course explores the continuum between planned and improvised behavior in emergency management. It introduces tools and techniques useful for understanding and supporting decision-making in emergencies, and enables learners to apply them in simulated emergency response scenarios. The focus is on decision making under time pressure, the influence of cognitive, policy and organizational factors, and the design and use of technologies to support planned and improvised decision making. Effective From: Fall 2006 IS 616 - Learning Methodologies and Training Technologies (3 credits) Specialization: - Business Informatics - Emergency Management.
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