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Emma Holloway Professor Rodman 10-23-2010 The Journey of Powerful Activist Woman Pat Reif Dean of Womens Studies Feminist Spirituality Group Her Mission was to undo Patriarchial Systems world wide In 2000, she went to south africa to socially reconstruct the perception of woman Died in march 2002 from cancer Alexis- woman human rights director Kibokili A south african woman from Zimbabwe Became a part of WILSA WILSA- organization that educates south african woman about their rights was organized in 1987 & in 1985 it was founded in Nirobi It spread to 7 countries so far and still continues to spread and empower many * have empathy for those that do not know as much as we do. Dr. Hasaan Theologist and Activist Struggled as a muslim woman family believed in arranged marriage Men believe that womans words jeopardize their souls. Studied the Qur'an for 10 years *Qur'an is pro woman leadership 1920-1924: Turish Revolution Iran involved in war 1979- Soviet Union Islamization- Change laws to belittle woman
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This note was uploaded on 11/02/2010 for the course RELIGION RST23 taught by Professor Rodman during the Spring '10 term at Mount St. Marys College.

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pat reif lecture - Emma Holloway Professor Rodman...

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