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Clarification for Problem 3 Assume 1050 degrees centigrade, atmospheric pressure, no HCL, and no doping. Use the values for the thin oxide term in equation 6.37 on pp. 327 PDG. a) First assume k =0 in the thin oxide term ( k is the additional term for B/A term in Suprem , see slide 9, Lec #5 notes) By droppi ng this term, xo(t) is simply (B/A)*t
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Unformatted text preview: [ linear with t ; The Deal –Grove Model] b) By plugging this approximate expression back into 6.37 dxo(t)/dt ~ (B/A) + C exp( ‐ (B/A)t/L) This can be integrated to give xo(t). The integration of the second term can be approximated as its integral for infinite time. Numerical value of the second term is ~3.4nm....
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