243S2009-07 - N.Cheung Sp 2009 EE 243 ADVANCED IC PROCESSING AND LAYOUT Homework Assignment#7(Due April 1 Wed Reading Assignment PDG Chap 5 Problem

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N.Cheung, Sp 2009 EE 243: ADVANCED IC PROCESSING AND LAYOUT Homework Assignment #7 (Due April 1 Wed) Reading Assignment : PDG, Chap 5 Problem 1 Dill's Model of Resist Exposure – A,B,C parameter extraction Given: I(z,t) z = - [ Α m(z, t)+B] I (z, t) m(z,t) t = - C I (z, t) m(z, t) where m is the normalized concentration of inhibitor in positive resist. Optical transmission experiment shows the following normalized transmittance (I/I o ) versus exposure time curve for a 2.2 micron thick positive resist. (AZ1350J). Find numerical values for the bleachable absorption parameter A , the nonbleachable absorption parameter B, and the bleaching rate C. The I o value is 15mJ/cm 2 –sec. The T 12 factor (air-to-resist) is 0.8. Problem 2 Resist standing waves With i-line (365nm) exposure, Shipley AZ 1470 resist has n = 1.7-j0.032 Si substrate has n = 6.52 –j2.71 a) Determine the period (min-to-min exposure) of the standing waves at i-line. b) Find the reflection coefficient from silicon seen in the resist at i-line
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