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Exam #2 - Review Sheet

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Exam #2 Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? Jeff Smith is a democrat running for Congress in Missouri He was running against Russ Carnahan which has strong family background in politics Jeff Smith had to dig deeper for resources than his opponent 5 Important Grassroots Aspects: door to door, coffee, kids, yard signs, and direct mail Jeff Smith barely lost Campaigns and Elections Lecture: Senate congressional campaigns are more competitive The advantage of an incumbency is that the seat will most likely not change until the incumbent retires The candidate has the role of The staff has the role of support and planning Volunteers have the role The two functions of a campaign are organizing resources and attracting voters Problems include running out of resources and communicating clearly and effectively Independent candidates face the problems of ballot access, electability, and fundraising Kinky Friedman alleviated some of the problems through the internet Reading: The internet became very important in the 2004 presidential election The internet is different from other types of advertising because it allows campaigners to avoid the press and throwing large amounts of money, allows members to send back support, and both ends can easily talk back Deans internet campaign was successful from attaining immediate donations, organizing local gatherings, blogs, online referenda, and dispersing decision making Political Communication and Campaign Advertising Lecture: Political Reading: Television ad were first used in the 1952 presidential election The principles of advertising include stereotyping, association, demonization, and code words to influence the electorate
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The six different production techniques include images, text, music/sounds, color,
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