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quiz 2 study questions - have to answer all 3 other...

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FINC 412: Financial Institutions Spring 2010 Topics for 2 st Wall Street Journal Quiz Instructions: This is a list of possible topics that the quiz will cover. I will ask you open-ended discussion questions related to these topics, but with more specific focus. You will have to answer a question on the first topic, and you will have to answer 2 out of 3 questions from the other topics (2 through 5). If you have a documented excuse for missing William Poole’s presentation, you will
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Unformatted text preview: have to answer all 3 other questions. 1. Required: Lessons from the financial crisis pointed out by William Poole, and his proposed solution to the problem of “too big to fail” financial institutions 2. Issues surrounding the regulation of hedge funds in Europe 3. Legal issues facing Goldman Sachs 4. The market volatility on May 6 th , 2010 5. “Debt Masking” by companies...
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