Exam #1 Review - Reconstruction (1865-1877) A. Introduction...

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Reconstruction (1865-1877) A. Introduction Took place after civil war South was suffering politically, socially, and economically Main goal was to rebuild south 3 different paths were taken B. Reconstruction under Lincoln Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation which was later followed by the ratification of the 13 th amendment which provided further detail. This allowed the abolishment of slavery Lincoln issued the 10% plan to encourage southerners to recognize slavery. This was required to become readmitted back into the union. Congress felt 10% plan was too lenient and wanted to pass the Wade-Davis Bill which required 50%, but this was vetoed because Lincoln wanted to speed up the process Although both measures were unsuccessful, Lincoln and Congress were on the same page by realizing free labor and civil rights has to become established C. Reconstruction Under Johnson After Lincoln was assassinated, Vice President Johnson took his place Johnson was a democratic southerner that had his mind set on the 1968 election Black Codes were created to deny certain rights to Blacks and enable faster progression Johnson vetoes renewal of the Freedman’s Bureau and Civil Rights Act because he did not want to slow down progress D. Reconstruction under Radical Republicans Republicans took control of the Senate and House in 1866 election
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Exam #1 Review - Reconstruction (1865-1877) A. Introduction...

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