ProblemSet3 - are massless and frictionless. 9. Extra...

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Problem Set 3 Physics 1116 : Due Friday, 09/17/2010 Please write the names of any classmates with whom you discussed the homework problems at the top of your problem set 6. A ball is thrown at an initial speed v from level ground. What angle θ should be chosen so that the area under the trajectory is maximized? 7. Consider a particle that feels an angular force only, of the form F θ = m ˙ r ˙ θ . Determine the dependence of ˙ r on r . Hint : This problem involves a bit of calculus trickery. You may find it useful to determine how ˙ θ depends r . 8. Calculate the initial acceleration of both masses in the pulley system below as the system is just released from rest, assuming that the pulleys and strings in the problem
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Unformatted text preview: are massless and frictionless. 9. Extra Credit Question Please work on this question by yourself! Magneto has tied up the X-Men in a diabolical ring of pulleys, as shown in the gure below. The ring is such that a single rope runs through all the pulleys, and the last ( N th) pulley is connected back to the rst pulley, as shown in the gure. Assume m 1 m 2 1 that all the pulleys and ropes are massless and frictionless. There are N pulleys and N X-Men, and all X-Men are of identical mass m (Colossus has been on a diet). Find the acceleration of the X-Men in this situation. m N-1 m N m 1 m 2 2...
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ProblemSet3 - are massless and frictionless. 9. Extra...

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