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H3 - an inertial frame Find the acceleration involved What...

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P116 Homework # 3 9/15/06 due Friday 9/22/06 Read Chapter 2. This is a long chapter. Do your best. More homework problems based on topics in the last parts of this chapter will appear in the next homework assignment. If you do not have time to work out the details of Note 2.1 ( p.101), you should at least remember the result. (1) Inertial/non-inertial frames: Consider the rotation of the earth (but ignore its other motions in the universe). This means that a fixed frame on the surface of the earth is not
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Unformatted text preview: an inertial frame. Find the acceleration involved. What is its impact on g, the acceleration of gravity at the earth’s surface ? (2) Problem 2.2. (3) Problem 2.6. Obtain the final formula before you plug in the numbers. (4) Problem 2.9. (5) Problem 2.10. (6) Problem 2.14. (7) Problem 2.18. (8) Problem 2.26. Optional (these problems are just for your own challenge) : Problems 2.27 and 2.34....
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