H4 - in the air for T=3.1 seconds. Ignoring air resistance,...

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P116 Homework # 4 9/22/06 Due Friday 9/29/06 (1) Problem 2.16. (2) Problem 2.28. (3) Problem 2.31. (4) Tumbling out of a flying plane, a ball falls under the influence of gravity and a drag force (due to air resistance) proportional to its velocity. Eventually, the fall approaches a constant (i.e., terminal) velocity of v 0 = 80 m/s. Find the velocity v (t) as a function of time. Plot v (t) versus time. What is the characteristic time τ ? (5) A professional baseball player hits a home run in the world series. The ball hit the ground L=341 feet away. Watching it on the TV, one finds that the baseball was
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Unformatted text preview: in the air for T=3.1 seconds. Ignoring air resistance, what is the balls initial velocity v ? In the actual situation, air resistance is important and should be included. Suppose the ball has the same characteristic time of the ball in Problem (4), what is the balls initial velocity v ? Work out the algebraic formulae first. Check your final formulae by considering the limit of negligible air resistance. Read Chapter 3 . (6) Problem 3.3. (7) Problem 3.7. (8) Problem 3.8. (9) Problem 3.20. Optional : Problems 2.32 and 3.18....
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