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P116 Homework # 4 9/22/06 Due Friday 9/29/06 (1) Problem 2.16. (2) Problem 2.28. (3) Problem 2.31. (4) Tumbling out of a flying plane, a ball falls under the influence of gravity and a drag force (due to air resistance) proportional to its velocity. Eventually, the fall approaches a constant (i.e., terminal) velocity of v 0 = 80 m/s. Find the velocity v (t) as a function of time. Plot v (t) versus time. What is the characteristic time τ ? (5) A professional baseball player hits a home run in the world series. The ball hit the ground L=341 feet away. Watching it on the TV, one finds that the baseball was
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Unformatted text preview: in the air for T=3.1 seconds. Ignoring air resistance, what is the ball’s initial velocity v ? In the actual situation, air resistance is important and should be included. Suppose the ball has the same characteristic time τ of the ball in Problem (4), what is the ball’s initial velocity v ? Work out the algebraic formulae first. Check your final formulae by considering the limit of negligible air resistance. Read Chapter 3 . (6) Problem 3.3. (7) Problem 3.7. (8) Problem 3.8. (9) Problem 3.20. Optional : Problems 2.32 and 3.18....
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