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P116 Homework # 8 10/27/06 due Friday 11/03/06 Read Chapter 14. You may follow either the convention used in class, or the ict convention used in the text. Complete/repeat the demonstration that the momentum and the energy as defined do transform as a four-vector, just like ( r , ct). Go over Example 14.1. Vector product (or cross product) is a tool we'll use.
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Unformatted text preview: Given Newton's constant G, light speed c and Planck's constant h, find the fundamental unit of time (in second), length (in meter) and mass (in kg). Problem 14.1 Problem 14.2 Problem 14.3 Problem 14.4 Problem 14.5 Problem 14.6 Problem 14.7------------------------------REMINDER : Prelim 2 will be in class, November 10, Friday....
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