fst 101a Lab 2 Report Guidelines for Lab 2

fst 101a Lab 2 Report Guidelines for Lab 2 - Report should...

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Descriptive titles Units! Label all axis with units Linear equation and R 2 Proper labeled legend Descriptive title of the figures Number all Figures Include all units in your calculation examples Report should be 1.5 spaced and 11 point font. When discussing results, always write in third person, past tense, and passive voice. Name Date of experiment Lab section day and time Partners’ initials Lab 2 – (A title that would describe your goal in Lab 2 of all three parts) I. PURPOSE/OBJECTIVE: (5 points) State the general purpose of the experiment, in 1-3 sentences. If there were several parts in the lab, state concisely what has been studied (the How question). Write as a scientist--be concise but precise! For example, “The purpose is to measure/analyze/understand/identify [specific chemical] in [specific food] by using [specific method or instrument].” II. INTRODUCTION: (5 points) Include some background information of the experiments. What’s the importance of doing this experiment? How is this relevant to the food industry? (2-3 paragraphs.) III. PROCEDURE: (5 points) You do NOT have to type out everything, if you cite the lab manual . Please do include any modifications you made during the experiments. For example, “The procedure followed for the experiment is found in “Principles of Food Composition Laboratory Manual” (2010) Experiment 2, Acidity in Foods, pages XX-XX. Modifications included……” IV.DATA: (15 points) Should be in table form when possible. You should include all raw data and pertinent observations. Always show units. Each table should be numbered (Table 1) and have a descriptive title ABOVE the table. Rows and columns should be labeled. The data part concerns mainly the observations. If there are any calculations, the points are taken into
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fst 101a Lab 2 Report Guidelines for Lab 2 - Report should...

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