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Student Checklist for Lab Report 3

Student Checklist for Lab Report 3 - Amount of filtrate...

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Student Checklist for Lab Report 3: DATA Table with amount of titrant added to water blanks and milk samples (Table should include initial, final, and total volumes of titrants for each duplicate.) Figure (or table) of your observations (For instance, you can make a schematic or diagram of color changes.) CALCULATIONS Amount of fat in 25 mL milk (mL) Amount of protein in 25 mL milk (mL)
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Unformatted text preview: Amount of filtrate, which contains lactose (mL) Concentration of lactose in filtrate (g lactose / mL filtrate) Concentration of lactose in milk (g lactose / mL milk) DISCUSSION Compare the titrations of your water blanks and milk samples Correlate reactions with your observations Discuss your calculated concentration of lactose in milk...
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