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Unformatted text preview: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Degree Curriculum Sheet BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Plan (Major) ________________________________________________ Subplan/Option _____________________________________________ Technology and Operations Management Required Core Courses Course FIN Acctg for Decision Making MGRL Acctg for Decision Making Mgmt Information Systems Leg Env of Business Transactions Managerial Finance I Managerial Finance II Prin Mktg Management Prin of Management Organizational Behavior Operations Management Managerial Statistics Strategic Management or Strategic Management ACC 207/207A ACC 208/208A CIS 310 FRL 201 FRL 300 FRL 301 IBM 301 MHR 301 MHR 318 TOM 301 TOM 302 MHR 410 TOM 411 2010­2011 Catalog Year _______________________ Name____________________________________________ Minimum Units Required ______________ Student ID ________________________________________ 180 Required Support Courses Course Introductory Calculus for Business (B4) Statistics with Applications (B4) Principles of Economics (D2) Principles of Economics (D2) Introduction to Microcomputing MAT 125 STA 120 EC 201 EC 202 CIS 1011 Evaluator ______________________ MCP Satisfied _____Yes ____No GWT Satisfied _____Yes ____No Units 4/1 4/1 4 4 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 (4) Units 4 4 4 4 4 General Education Requirements Area Area A Communication & Critical Thinking 1 Oral Communication 2 Written Communication 3 Critical Thinking Area B Mathematics & Natural Sciences Select at least one lab course from sub­area 1 or 2. 1 Physical Science 2 Biological Science 3 Laboratory Activity 4 Math/Quantitative Reasoning 5 Science & Technology Synthesis Area C Humanities 1 Visual and Performing Arts 2 Philosophy and Civilization 3 Literature and Foreign Language 4 Humanities Synthesis Area D Social Sciences 1 U.S. History, Constitution, American Ideals 2 History, Economics and Political Science 3 Sociology, Anthropology, Ethnic & Gender Studies 4 Social Science Synthesis Area E Lifelong Understanding & Self Development Units 12 16 Total Units Unrestricted Electives Course Unrestricted Electives Select a sufficient number of courses so that the total from “Required Support,” “GE,” and “Unrestricted Electives” is at least 88 units. 16­20 Units 0­12 16 Total Units 48 20 Required Subplan/Option Courses Course Management Science Production Mgmt Quality Management E­Business Enabled Supply Chain Management TOM 315 TOM 332 TOM 401 EBZ 304 Total Units Units 4 4 4 4 0­12 Other Major (Plan) Requirements 1Microcomputer proficiency must be demonstrated by satisfying one of the following three alternatives: 1) CIS 101, 2) microcomputer proficiency skills tests in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, or 3) an approved college course. There are no units associated with the Microcomputer Proficiency Skills Test. 4 Total Units American Institutions Courses that satisfy this requirement may also satisfy G.E. Area D1 American Cultural Perspectives Requirement Refer to catalog for list of courses that satisfy this requirements. Course may also satisfy major, minor, GE, or unrestricted elective requirements. 68 8 Total Units 16 4 Elective Subplan/Option Courses Course At least 28 units of additional courses from the list of Technology & Operations Management Directed Electives. (see TOM advisor for approval). Units 28 The following required support courses should be taken to satisfy the indicated GE Requirements to achieve the minimum units to degree listed at the top of this sheet. Total Units 28 Course Introductory Calculus for Business or Statistics with Applications Principles of Economics or Principles of Economics MAT 125 STA 120 EC 201 EC 202 GE Area B4 (B4) D2 (D2) The remaining GE requirements may be satisfied by any course approved for that area. No more than 105 community college quarter units or 36 extension credit quarter units may be applied toward a Bachelor’s degree. A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA is required in core (including option) courses, Cal Poly Pomona courses, and overall work completed in order to receive a degree in this major. ...
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  • Spring '08
  • Management, total units, Total Units Units, Management Organizational Behavior Operations Management Managerial Statistics Strategic Management or Strategic Management

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