dis 15 - living area for hunters to bunk down, clean meat,...

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If my forest had a problem with the grouse population I would definitely ban hunting and monitor their growth until their numbers were up high enough to hunt them again. I would do this by tagging some and watching their food supply and number of young. I would make my forest accessible by carving out pathways for vehicles. I would have deer hunting and other forms of hunting available as well as a pond for recreation and water supply for the wildlife. I would access and possible change some of the landscape to allow for grouse populations to thrive. I would have feeders all over the property as well as blinds and a
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Unformatted text preview: living area for hunters to bunk down, clean meat, and cook. I would provide tours for outsiders to enjoy the beauty of the land to produce more funds for food for the feeders and other upkeep. I would have part of the property be an orchard of some sort like pecans. It would further enhance the hunting experience because hunters could go spotlight and kill vermin like raccoons and skunks. This would also increase revenue to make the land beautiful and possibly get some wild goats or other animal that could live in harmony with the grouse and deer to hunt as game....
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