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Water is manipulated in many ways. Managing water can benefit the environment and the organisms living in the habitat. A few ways include drying and flooding, blasting, flood-prevention lakes, and structures to collect water. Flooding and drying are both useful in different ways. Flooding occurs in green-tree reservoirs in an effort to make crops on the forest floor available to wintering waterfowl. This flooding doesn’t harm the timber and acorn crops are assured their availability to the waterfowl. The drying of wetlands is known as drawdown and relies on reservoirs. It uses elaborate water control structures to control the water coming in and out. It assures food for mammals and birds. These methods should be preformed to increase productivity of that environment. Some downfalls are that large structures to control water coming in and out can disrupt that water system. It can change water temperature and depths and also amounts of sediment, which can in turn harm reproductive activities of organisms. It can also effect
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