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I agree with this argument. I think exotics are exotics for a reason. If an exotic get outs it should be up to the land owner to report the escaped animal. Exotics should each have to be marked somehow and undergo other legal processes to discourage the incentives for land owner to bring exotics onto their land though. I only agree with hunting when it is necessary such as overpopulation problems or for wildlife funding. I don’t think exotic animals should be dispersed unnaturally to entirely different continents. Not just because of all of the variables and possibly consequences to native species, but for taking a species away from its natural habitat to kill it. The exotics that are currently on private land should be able to
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Unformatted text preview: continue their purpose because they are already here, but I highly disagree with bringing in exotics into new areas. Some exotics can also reproduce with native species which hybridizes the species and can cause a loss in the genes of the original animals. Also, I think the niches should be filled with native species like Jameson says. I would love to see a bear in its natural habitat in Texas. I think focus should be kept on native species that are here. I dont think people should be able to relocate animals for hunting....
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