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Unformatted text preview: The ten percent rule is an estimation of the energy converted from one trophic level to the next. After a certain number of trophic levels though, usually three of four, no more can exist in a natural ecosystem because of the little energy left. There levels include primary consumers and secondary consumers. This affects the food web in relation to numbers of predators and prey. The less amount of energy as it moves through the prey to the predators does not allow for the small number of predators as prey. Prey usually outnumbers predators. This in turn, affects the niches. Plants and animals thrive based on amount of energy available. Thus, the niches in an environment depend on the amount of energy. A habitat is the place when a plant or animal can get the resources needed to survive. It has more to do with an animal’s surroundings. A niche is where an animal finds the ability to function in these surroundings. A niche can be improved genetically because those better fit survive. An animal with a surroundings....
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