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Unformatted text preview: I t is an extreme step for government regulation I know, but i t may be the only effective way. I f animals are regulated such as deer, why should we be above that? When deer destroy vegetation and overpopulate, we feel i t is our duty to intervene. We are destroying the world faster than any deer or other organism ever could. Isn’t i t then our duty to t ake extreme s teps as well? I t hink it’s r idiculous to have this naïve assumption that everything will work i tself out. We are destroying not only our futures, but our children’s and future families. T hey may face starvation or nature disasters or numerous amounts of things and it is our fault. I don’t want to be responsible for ult imately the destruction of the world. Giving the p roblems we face to someone else to worry about is very sad. What is the point of living or doing anything if in the end it means nothing and you have done nothing meaningful for anyone other than yourself? Having a family gives a person joy but it doesn’t do much for t he world besides add to the growing population, unless one is lucky enough to have a great leader. But I think we should be the great leaders. We should take responsibili ty for our actions. This way instead of being the forgotten people who destroyed the world, our generation will be remembered as the people who saved it. ...
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