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quiz 4 - following characteristics except a Capability of...

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NRM 2302 Spring 2009 QUIZ 4 Name Paige Sprague Section 1: Multiple choice Circle the correct answer (there is only one). Each correct answer is worth 2 points. 1) The phenomenon in which city centers are hotter on average than surrounding areas is called: a) Fall line b) Green belt c) Heat island d) Site e) Situation 2) Paving of large areas of the surface in urban centers affects the natural hydrologic cycle (water budget) by: a) Increasing and speeding storm runoff b) Increasing infiltration into groundwater c) Increasing runoff and delaying the time it takes to reach streams d) Intercepting storm runoff before it reaches streams e) Trapping natural nutrients that would otherwise feed streams 3) Wildlife species that successfully adapt to urban settings tend to have all of the
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Unformatted text preview: following characteristics except : a) Capability of eating food that humans eat b) Generalists in their food choices c) High growth rate d) Short average life span e) Thick exterior insulation to resist colder and wetter conditions 4) According to your textbook, what is the best way to control rats and other urban pests in the long run? a) Chemical pesticides b) Integrated pest management c) Introduce predator species d) Make cities bad habitats for the pest species e) Periodic flooding Section 2: T / F (2 points each) 5) Global warming may subject coastal cities to inundation by rising sea levels T /10 points...
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