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anthro test 2 review - Topics Body Modification Marriage...

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Topics Body Modification Marriage and family Gender Concepts/ Terms Irizumi- tattoo themselves to rebel against upper class. Tattooing- Piercing- Tooth sharpening- Lip Disking- Trephination- Body Building- Plastic Surgery- Reasons for body modifications- self expression, art for its own sake, beautification, rights of passage, group identity, personal identity, rebellion. Yoruba people use face scarification Issues of natural heritage- Reasons for marriage- to control sexual competition that can be a source of serious conflict if not regulated and channeled into stable relationships that’s are given social approval. Monogamy- A rule that permits a person to be married to only one spouse at a time. Lifetime/serial- serial monogamy- subsequent remarriages Polyandry- marriage of one woman to several men. Rarity- Tibet and Nepal Fraternal/Non-fraternal: Fraternal- A custom whereby a woman marries a man and his brothers. Non- the opposite Levirate- the custom whereby a man marries the widow of a deceased brother Polygyny- the marriage of one man to several women. Widespreadness- horticultural societies, high level of productivity Reasons for- 1. Where women are economically important, can increase a man’s wealth and therefore his social position. 2. To ally different groups to one another, having several wives having several wives from many different groups within a society extends a man’s alliance. Sororal/Non-Sororal: sororal polygyny- a man marries sisters, who may be more willing to cooperate and can get along better than women who are strangers to each other. Mechanism to minimize conflict between cowives. Sororate- a custom whereby, when a woman dies, her kin group supplies a sister as a wife for the widower. Patrilocal- System under which a bride lives with her husband’s family after marriage. Patrilineal- A lineage formed by descent in the male line. Matrilocal- System under which a husband lives with his wife’s family after marriage.
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anthro test 2 review - Topics Body Modification Marriage...

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