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BB201 – Article Presentation Summary of Article: Over the years computer processing chips have become smaller and smaller and even some of them are as small as a pencil eraser. The class of Professor John Rogers at the University of Illinois has made some serious strides in the world of chip technology. One such advancement is that they now have microchips that you can bend and stretch instead of the strictly rigid chips. These type of microchips have been talked about for many years but have not been demonstrated before, but for the first time these scientists have finally done it. (Slide1) The team at the University of Illinois has developed a method that can produce complete circuits just one and a half microns (millionths of a metre) thick, hundreds of times thinner than conventional circuits found in PCs. The slim line circuits, like conventional chips, are made of sandwiches of multiple materials to form the wires and different components. The depth and relative position of the different layers, including chromium, gold and silicon, is crucial. (Slide2) The flexible chip technology is created by a plastic sheet being bonded to a rigid
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