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Basic Operating System Concepts 1-What is the role of the operating system? The role of the operating system is to provide basic functionality on a computer. The software that manages access to a system's hardware and other resources. 2-What is considered the first operating system? At the end of 1960, Ken Thompson invented operating system most widely used. 3-Name two other "Unix" based operating systems. BSD, Unix, Minix 4-What is "multi-tasking"? Multi-tasking is when 2 or more tasks (processes) are being run off of a single resource, such as a CPU. Usually a CPU can only run a single process, but multi-tasking allows it to quickly switch back-and-forth between processes. When a resource is switching to a different process it is called a context switch. If context switches are occurring very often, there is a illusion that the processes are being run at the same time. 5-What is a "process" and where do they "reside"? A process is a program that is running, it resides in the RAM of the computer. 6-What is the purpose of a "memory cache"?
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