Entrepreneurship Research Assignment - Buisiness Venture Survey

Entrepreneurship Research Assignment - Buisiness Venture Survey

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Entrepreneurship Research Assignment After conducting our survey we forecast that there will be enough long term demand for our business. We know this because the majority of the population at our high school drinks hot beverages such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate during the winter or even the summer on a regular basis. We also know that many of the students at our school like to drink cool beverages during the summer therefore we would serve cold beverages such as ice caps during the summer months. The coffee shop could also be used as a lounge where students could come and drink their beverage and socialize in the shop area. In conclusion it would be more convenient to have a coffee shop right inside the school environment. We believe the long term demand will be excellent there fore we rank it as 10 out
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Unformatted text preview: of 10. We know this because the students at our school have been consuming these types of beverages for a long period of time and are very popular among teenagers. Yes, we can find human and financial resources easily. We would only need a loan from the school to jump start our business and help pay our employees. We would be able to get money from the school and/or from fundraising activities. We believe that we will be able to have enough employees because the shop would only need several workers. We could find these workers from the student population at our school or from outside the school. We would also need a loan from the school to pay these employees at first because we would just be opening and not have any money. We have decided to rate our answers 10 out of 10....
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