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Marketing Research Assignment We are conducting this survey in order to compare Brand Name candy to Life Brand (No Name) candy. Please take this time to complete our questionnaire. To fill out our questionnaire circle the answer that corresponds to you. 1. What is your gender? a) Male b) Female 2. What is your age? a) 14 b) 15 c) 16 d) 17 e) 18 3. Do you eat candy? (If no, do not continue the survey and submit your questionnaire.) a) Yes b) No 4. How much candy do you eat in a week? a) Less than one bag b) One Bag c) Two Bags d) More than two bags 5. What kind of candy do you prefer? (Select one.) a) Soft b) Hard c) Sour d) Sweet 6. Would you buy Brand Name candy or Life Brand candy (No Name Candy)?
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Unformatted text preview: a) Brand Name b) Life Brand (No Name) 7. From Question #6 explain why you selected your answer. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 8. What colour do like your candy to be? ________________________________________________________________________ 9. Do you like the candy you eat to have a nice aroma? a) Yes b) No 10. What is you favorite candy? ________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for filling out our questionnaire. Have a nice day....
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