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Print Ad Assignment Ad #1 – Teenager The Ad that I created for teenagers was promoting a new type of camera that was cheap and still had very good capabilities. The Ad which I created consisted of very catchy colors such as red, yellow and green (can’t see them on print out). These colors are not hard to look at and flow well together. The Ad I created would be based on series of Ads based on the theme of “For the…”. I chose to put this at the top of the Ad because we generally read from top to bottom. I decided to put the more boring components of the Ad at the bottom of the article to the person reading it would be more attracted to the fun part.
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Unformatted text preview: The Ad is also divided in half, the top part of the Ad consists of a picture and an interesting font, the bottom portion consists of the details and functions of the camera as well the product name and manufacturer website. Ad #2 – Senior The senior Ad I created was based on a retirement home. The Ad does not have very much information about the home because seniors usually cannot read very well. So instead I decided to put pictures instead, making them large enough for them to observe. I also included the contact information of the home in large text it is easily legible by seniors. Also I decided to put the home’s views towards their customers....
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