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Ladene Nelson HTH 4523.001 Fall 2010 Website Review Welcome to like it is UK!. (n.d.). Like it is sex education for young people . Retrieved October 21, 2010, from 1. Short overview of the resource: is a website that provides information to ‘young people’ about various topics related to sex education and being a teenager. The topics that the website covers include the following: puberty, sexuality, peer pressure, periods, sex, teenage pregnancy, contraception and ‘love bugs’. There are two versions of the website, one for the United Kingdom and one for Australia. The major difference between the two is the layout of each site, the site for Australia being more basic and geared towards older teens compared to the UK site. The UK site also adds emergency contraception, help & advice, peer pressure, and periods to its specific list of topics. 2. Identify if you think the site is designed for sexuality educators or laypeople and provide rationale: This site is definitely geared towards laypeople, specifically ‘young people’ (teens) according to the introduction page of the website. The site is brightly colored with eye catching graphics and videos geared towards a young audience. The site as uses slang terms such as ‘love bugs’, which is explained as the ‘unsexy side of sex’ or sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The site has three super role models who are real people that the audience of the website can relate to. There is even a panic button students can hit, which will direct them to a generic webpage, if they are afraid to let others see they are looking at a sex education website.
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paper #2 - Ladene Nelson HTH 4523.001 Fall 2010 Website...

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