Review for IDS 390W Final Exam

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Review for IDS 390W Final Exam—Revision and Editing Questions GVIK/HAC11-07 Multiple Choice : You answer which of the word choices best fits the space in the sentence. Areas covered: Homonyms (words that sound alike but have different meanings) and words frequently confused Case (subjective, objective) Possessives (of singular, plural, of pronouns) Agreement Some homonyms frequently used in business are capital/capitol, principle/principal, its/it’s, affect/effect, stationery/stationary, lose/loose. Examples of words that are confused with each other: moral/morale, then/than, comprises/composed of, predominate/predominant, attributes/contributes, conscious/conscience. Case problems often involve pronouns, so remember that subjects take I, we, he, she, who, whoever and objects take me, us, her, him, them, whom, whomever. Tip: pronouns with self added are reflexive or intensive, not substitutes for objective pronouns. Examples: A good letter of rejection to Charles begins with a buffer, then explains that there is no
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