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290 spring 09 Editing, style, puctuation tips

290 spring 09 Editing, style, puctuation tips -...

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EDITING/REVISION TIPS Revise from the top down— First, look at the big picture Then, check for details Look at the Big Picture Analysis, Conviction Completeness Order and emphasis Format and layout Then, check for details Language choices Tone Mechanics OVERALL STRATEGIES Put the main idea up front if you can (NOT if indirect strategy) Don’t give the reader too much information Concentrate on one or two subjects Use emphasis and subordination Define your terms Use examples to explain EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Put the audience first (reader-centered writing) Use words audience will understand Organize effectively for purpose Revise and edit for conventional usage Reduce writing time FORMAT CHECKLIST White space, paragraph length, margins Font sizes, types Titles, heading levels, placement Bullets, lists Line up numbers (decimal justify) Page numbering Documentation
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POMPOUS, WORDY STYLE Good paper personality: Stuffed Shirt: Many people A substantial segment of the population Think of Conceptualize Because Due to the fact that Now At this point in time OTHER WORDINESS PROBLEMS TO CHECK FOR Noun Phrases Watch out for –ion, -ent, -ance, -ment nouns, as they add empty words. Examine (verb) becomes examination (noun); make an examination of adds  three words to the verb!  Compare for alignment of, the preparation of proposals.
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