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IDS 390W In-Class Case 2 revised GNV/HAC 07 (adapted from AIPCA Effective Writing Case) Name This test must be turned in when you finish the exam. Please review the background briefing information given below. Some of the facts are relevant to the objective of the message, some are not. Using those facts that are relevant, prepare a memo to Bill Favorella using all of the techniques you have learned about effective communication to a business audience. Background Briefing Information: After a considerable amount of business development work you have been given a commitment for a $120,000 service contract. In order to meet the terms of the contract it will be necessary for another department of your organization to invest $22,000 in a particular piece of computer-related equipment. You and Bill Favorella, the manager of the other department, have always worked well together in the past. He has been with the organization seven years. You estimate that the cost of the new equipment would be paid back to his department
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