Psych103 - Psychology 103 Psychopathology with Alan...

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Psychology 103: Psychopathology with Alan Fridlund P.H.D Lecture 03/30/10 Introduction to Psychopathology Different models of psychopathology: “decided not to make you read that god-damned chapter” Mental Health and the Economy Source of stress, anxiety, and depression suicide rate increased, people loosing sleep and mental health History and Concepts in Psychopathology Nosology- classifying diseases, how many are there how they relate to each other, how the names have changed to reflect how it has changed, 100 years ago there were 3 or 4 mental disorders now there are 100s of possible mental disorders (classification of metal disorders) Assessment- understanding their situation/ environment Diagnosis- applying a label to a patient, guess about what ales a patient Treatment- doing something to improve a patients condition Prevention- holy grail of mental health, what leads to mental disorders and how to minimize the risk factors that might lead to mental disorders Professions involved in Mental Health Psychiatrist- medical doctors that go to medical school and are at the top of the hierarchy of mental doctors started out doing a lot of therapy, psychoanalytic therapy has proved to not be efficient- more of a way to realize self knowledge not to cure the problems now labeled more as a psychopharmacologist internal medicine people but now treating disorders of the brain Early Views of Psychopathology Trephining earliest thoughts were of demon possession skulls found by anthropologist with holes in them to release the demon earliest method of mental health treatment ~400 B.C Humoral Theory (hippocrates) each of the four humors were thought to have a different effect on the body and personality a healthy person would have an equal balance of all four yellow bile, black bile, phlegm, and blood melancholic- black bile, choleric- yellow bile, sanguine- blood, phlegmatic- phlegm ~Middle Ages Demonic Possession Stick someone's head in an oven Pope Innocent VIII wrote a manual to determine if someone was possessed- Malleus Maleficarum (Witches Hammer) Diagnosing Witches- if the woman floats she a witch if she drowns she is not, burning Inquisition Ages- people that acted abnormally were considered to be possessed ~1700s and 1800s- Metal Illness as Evolutionary Regression: “Mongolism” (Down's Syndrome) well functioning human were the peak of evolution mental illness as dropping down on the latter and regression in evolution known as Mongolism because of their eyes being small and stupid. Lecture 04/01/10 Mentally Ill Housed as Animals
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Most village priest took good care of the mentally ill Priests were in charge of the pastrol care of the mentally ill Goya's Madhouse- an assylum Treatments were barbaric- treatment by restraint “Moral Treatment” or “Unchaining the Insane”- shackles taken off, allowed to walk around and
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Psych103 - Psychology 103 Psychopathology with Alan...

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