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Lecture Notes - Human Sex 3/30/2009 Vulva- female genitalia...

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Human Sex 3/30/2009 Vulva- female genitalia Mons (mons veneris) - stimulation is very sexually pleasurable, connected to the brain, very sexually exciting Labia Majora- major lips, sensitive, naturally pull apart when woman is aroused to reveal inner part Labia Minora- minor lips, increase in size, change in color because of increased blood flow, nice place to focus on the tension Clitoral Hood- prepuce, tissue that covers the clitoris Clitoris- made of two parts, glans and a shaft, same tissue as male glans, the most sensitive of the erogenous zone, attention to the clitoris should not overshadow the importance for females of love affection, talking, snuggling “Each woman has their own unique vulva” Vaginal Opening- introitus, covered by the hymen Hymen- useless piece of skin, you don't pop the hymen, it stretches, not true if a woman bleeds they are a virgin Perineum- area at the bottom of the vagina, “wipe the correct way to avoid infection from the anus” Pelvic floor muscles- when you have an orgasm they are retracting Vagina- usually closed space but can open up, not that sensitive, outer 1/3 more sensitive, g spot fluid spurts out more Cervix- feels like the tip of your nose, child comes out of it Uterus- bends over the bladder, can be in different positions, women have been doing self-abortions Endometrium- Myometrium- vast majority of the structure, muscle, pushes out the baby through the cervix Perimetrium- pump outer layer, protects the uterus from bursting because of all the pressure Oviducts- fallopian tube, highways leading to the overies, very small, can become part of diseases, the hole is a very complicated structure Cilia and fimbria- moves things through the tubes down into the uterus, fimbria at the end of the tube- in loose contact with the ovary Ovaries- follicles inside, two of them, one ovum ovulates because many die through menstruation cycle Breasts- in other cultures there for nursing babies, in ours it is related with sexual activities, nipple and areola. Harder for mammograms to reveal breast cancer in Fs with breast implants Male Anatomy Penis- Smegma- surrounds the glands, can cause the foreskin to stick to the glands not allowing it to pull back Many studies show that uncircumcised men are more likely to contract HIV Uncircumcised males have a 3x greater risks of contracting STIs 04/06/2009 Male orgasm has two parts, emission- lasting 2-3 seconds fluids pumped into ejac ducts and ejaculation- muscle contractions every .8 sec Retrograde ejaculation-
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5 similarities of male and female sex reflex Descriptions of orgasms are very similar between men and women pelvic congestive syndrome= blue balls and taylor's syndrome the opposite sex or the other sex? Psychology
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Lecture Notes - Human Sex 3/30/2009 Vulva- female genitalia...

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