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Final Fair Game Sheet

Final Fair Game Sheet - Fair Game Sheet Psych.1 Final...

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Fair Game Sheet: Psych.1 Final Thinking Geones (geometric icons)- an alphabet of shapes in which everyday objects can be constructed out of. visual input is matched against these geones 1. viewpoint invariance 2. stability Impossible Figures - type of optical illusion that is subconsciously interpreted by the visual system as a three dimensional object although it is not actually possible for such an object to exist Prototype Theory of Meaning - mode of catagorization in which peoples perceptions of what attributes make an object what it is. central ideas, list does not define concepts “Which dog is the dogiest?” “Which fruit is the fruitiest?” What first comes to mind when you think of the word furniture, chair. Spreading Activation - thinking about one concept will activate/prime the concepts linked to it “fan-out effect” linked concepts to related concepts any stimulus that that activates one of these concepts will activate the ones linked to it you hear flower. ..think rose, violet you hear red. ....think rose because of flower and red priming a small reminder of a concept makes it easier for someone to think of it example: if asked what your doing tomorrow the odor of cleaning product. ...you say clean you hear one word, your subconscious relates it with another Stroop Effect - interference between automatized and deliberate ways of thinking going against long time habbits, “interference” to what your use to color stroop test, green for black when you are speaking you are primed to read the words you see, but when you are pointing you are more primed to attend to something nonverbal automatization are long time habits formed in your brain Mental Rotation - we rotate an image in our mind in real time, imagination - map imagine scanning is when people imagine a map and travel to a location in their imagination, their responses to where something is takes longer if it farther away Change Blindness - the frequent failure to detect changes in parts of a scene. unlikely to notice if your working memory is occupied with other matters ex: find the differences in these pictures, video with the two ladies, the scene changes Attentional Blink - during a brief time after perceiving one stimulus it is difficult to attend to something else attention gets absorbed into what you are paying attention to, ignoring a second stimulus
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Nature of Expertise - Algorithms - mechanical procedure for solving a problem or testing every hypothesis Heuristic - shortcuts or strategies for simplifying a problem, saves time and energy, quick - representativeness heuristics when only a few instances are taken to rep. entire category, assumption that an intem that resembles members of some category is probably another member of it. ...ex: you follow the people you know advice, ignore other recommendations, “looks like a duck, walks like a duck. ..duck” * Base-rate Information- consensus information on how common the two
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Final Fair Game Sheet - Fair Game Sheet Psych.1 Final...

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