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Final Review Sheet - Ch 22 Imperialism and Colonialism...

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Ch. 22 Imperialism and Colonialism Imperialism India The crown of the British Empire British East India Company controlled it had its own military right to collect taxes legal monopolies over trade in all goods: indigo, textiles, salt, minerals, and opium British Policy: Two differing views, westernize India or defer to the local culture Indian Rebellion “The Great Mutiny of 1857”- Indian peasants attacked law courts and burned tax rolls, protesting debt and corruption, rebels defended their traditional leaders, religious leaders of Hindu and Muslim denounced the Christian missionaries British reorganized India British Crown created- ruled directly but with cooperative interest groups Lord Cuzon- new imperialism - he deepened British commitments to the region, urged economic growth Examples of New Imperialism Opium Wars, Boxer Rebellion, Leopold II, Arthur de Gobineau, eugenics, Pan-African Conference, Boer War, Spanish-American War. Ch. 24 The First World War What were the causes of World War I Unification of Germany and Changing Balances of Power continuing French resentment over loss of territory to the Germans in 19 th century economic and military competition between Germany and Britain Germany's desire for a “place in the sun” equal to others Scramble for colonies abroad accompanied by an arms race The Austria-hungary empire linked the balkan empire with continental ward Arms Race German Industrial base had by 1914 overtaken Britain- race began in the production of
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Final Review Sheet - Ch 22 Imperialism and Colonialism...

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